Our Mission Statement


At Bailey Family Hampshires, our goal is to develop and provide top quality Hampshires in Iowa and the surrounding areas at reasonable prices, with the satisfaction you deserve. Since starting our Hampshire flock, we have been fortunate to develop relationships with some of the top Hampshire breeders in the nation. Through these friendships, and our own dedication to quality and customer loyalty throughout our breeding program, we have quickly become a reliable source for high quality “Iowa Raised” Hampshire rams and ewes. We place our emphasis on performance in the show ring and growth efficiency that will satisfy the showman breeders and the commercial breeders. Our focus is that our Hampshires are healthy, structurally sound, have great dispositions and excellent reproductive characteristics among them.



History of Bailey Family Hampshires


Our family began with purebred Hampshires through our daughter in her interest in raising and showing Hampshires for her 4-H projects. We began in 1997 with the purchase of 3 brood ewes and 1 sire ram. Since the beginning, our flock has grown to 5 rams and averages around 40 ewes per season.

Our Hampshires run strong in the following blood lines:


Ram Side:

Bobendrier (our first ram)
Woodland Hills
and of course our own breeding

Ewe Side:

The Hickman’s
Highland Hamps

and of course our own breeding


Terry’s family has been in the business of raising wether style sheep since 1984. The purebred Hampshires are primarily raised on the same farm that Terry was born and raised on, which his mother still tends to and lives on. Just down the road is where Terry, Jonna and Rochelle currently live, as do some of our wether style Hampshires that are raised and cared for.

Our daughter used to show Hampshires and her wether sheep at the county fairs and along with showing at the Iowa State Fair in both the 4-H division and the open class shows. She has now completed her venture in 4-H. Through the years of being involved with our daughter and her 4-H, we have grown to enjoy raising and showing Hampshires ourselves. Throughout the years of showing at different events in the Midwest, we will continue to raise and show our Hampshires now and into the future. Come see us at the annual Midwest shows and sales to see what we have to offer in our breeding program, or stop by just say "HI" !

We very much enjoy raising registered Hampshires. The excitement of seeing the results of the genetics we have chosen in each newborn lamb makes it all worthwhile!

On behalf of Bailey Family Hampshires we would like to thank you for your interest in our sheep and invite you to view the information on our site.

2010 Iowa State Fair - Bailey Family 2010 Iowa State Fair - Bailey Family together

Showing Hampshires is truly a family affair!